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Rwandese Woman Remanded For Having On Sexy Outfit

Africa | Fashion & Beauty | Rwanda August 19, 2022

A Rwandese woman, namely Liliane Mugabekazi (24) has been remanded for 30 days for having on a sexy outfit that entailed a sheer dress. That was reported by some media on August 19, 2022.

According to the reports, prosecutors in Rwanda said on August 18, 2022, that Liliane Mugabekazi could be slapped with up to 2-year jail term if found guilty of what they termed “shameful clothing” or in more legal terms what they called “public indecency”.

The young woman was reportedly arrested on August 7, 2022, after she attended a concert while having on the sexy outfit.

Sheer outfits are a popular and trendy women’s fashion style in many democratic nations of the world now. The outfits have been featuring very strongly in Read-To-Wear Spring/Summer fashion shows by global brands like LaQuan Smith, Versace, Balmain, etc., in the past couple of years.

Photo: Elegant Sheer Dress In LaQuan Smith Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Notwithstanding, the arrest and subsequent incarceration of Liliane Mugabekazi for exercising her freedom of dress is not surprising. According some local and international human rights groups, violations of the various aspects of human rights including individual freedom by the government there is commonplace.

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