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Rwanda Supports M23, UN Experts Say

Updated: Jan 1

Africa | Rwanda December 23, 2022

Rwanda supports Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s notorious rebel group M23, independent experts working for the United Nations Security Council said in an unreleased 236-page document, and reported by some media on December 22, 2022.

According to the reports, the UN experts in their document that is expected to be released officially soon, observed that Rwanda has been supporting M23 through providing weapons, ammunition, and uniforms. The experts indicated that Rwanda even carries out joint military operations with M23, exemplifying by saying that Rwanda and M23 jointly unleashed an attack on DRC’s troops in Kivu Province in May 2022.

Photo: Goma City, Kivu Province, DRC

This is not first time Rwanda has been accused of supporting M23. DRC has done that numerous times before and even kicked out Rwanda’s ambassador in the country on grounds of the allegations.

Both Rwanda and DRC are members of the East African Community (EAC) regional bloc. If the allegations against the landlocked Rwanda are correct that may probably have implications for its membership in the bloc.

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