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Right-Wing Coalition Wins Sweden’s Parliamentary Election

Rest Of The World September 15, 2022

Photo: Sergels Square, Downtown Stockholm, Sweden (JKFreelanceImages)

Sweden’s right-wing coalition has won the country’s parliamentary election of the general elections held on September 11, 2022, with a tiny majority of 3 seats. That is according to the results of the general elections with vote counting completed, that were reported on September 15, 2022.

The results show that the right-wing coalition took 176 seats of the parliament alias Riksdag, while the left-wing coalition took 173 seats. As such, the right-wing coalition has now begun the process of building a new government. In Sweden, head of government is not elected directly at the ballot place, but by Riksdag on the basis of the party or political bloc that wins the parliamentary election and other factors.

Following the win by the right-wing coalition the incumbent Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson of the left-wing coalition on September 14, 2022, conceded defeat and announced her resignation although she will remain in power until a new government is on place. Her resignation marks the end of the country’s 8-year rule by the left-wing coalition.

Sweden’s right-wing coalition is made up of Sweden Democrats Party, Moderate Party, Christian Democratic Party, and Liberals Party. The former got 20.5% of the vote in the 2022 general elections and became the country’s second biggest political party after the left-wing’s ruling Social Democratic Party that got 30.3% of the vote.

The performance of the Swedish Democrats Party (SD) in the 2022 general elections has been a gigantic milestone for the staunchly nationalistic party that had only 5% voters’ support a decade ago. That implies a mammoth over 100% growth of its voters’ support base over the short period.

SD is, therefore, a political party to reckon with in Swedish politics, that can overtake the Social Democratic Party shortly if its pace of growth prevails. And that is very probable indeed, because SD is said to have strong support from teenagers and young adults, and that supporters of SD are the most loyal in Sweden!

Despite the overwhelming growth of popularity of SD, its opponents at the elite political arena, that include some political parties that are currently declining, continue to call for exclusion of SD from the mainstream of Swedish politics and decision-making machinery. That is highly questionable in a democratic country, regressive, and likely to be fruitless because SD appeal to voters seems to be unstoppable right now.

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