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Presidential Election 2020 Begins US Amid Fear Of Post-Election Civil Unrests

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US presidential election 2020 began on November 3, 2020. Incumbent President Donald Trump is seeking second and final term in office. His challenger is former Vice President Joe Biden.

Mr Trump is said to has predicted another beautiful victory implying continuation of the action oriented newcomer era at the US political arena, while Mr Biden has reportedly predicted victory or what he said taking back democracy implying return of the rhetorical elite political establishment.

The two presidential nominees are said to have very different approaches to US’s divisive political issues about let say migration, taxes, abortion, and climate change, among others. That is said to have polarized the US society. As such, some people are said to have predicted some sort of post-election civil unrests irrespective of who wins the presidential election. Fearing such unrests, some business owners in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and other cities are said to have boarded up windows and entrances of their outlets.

Notwithstanding, however, the divisive political issues may have not been the main drivers of voting patterns in the presidential election especially for those seeking the end of President Trump's era, according to some sources like public opinion polling firms. Instead, the primary drivers are argued to be rather emotional issues that entail cosmetic personal qualities of the two presidential nominees, with crucial political issues as secondary.

According to the sources, voters seeking an end to President Trump’s era in hinting why they want him to go focused more on personal qualities by describing him as bully, polarizing, non-presidential, etc., while describing Mr Biden as nice guy, decent, presidential, unifying, caring, etc., as reasons why they want him to win the election. None of the great things Trump delivered to USA and the world in the past four years seem to have much significance to them!


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