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Myanmar's Dr Nang Mwe San Loses Medical Licence Over Sexy Pics

Stunningly beautiful Burmese Nang Mwe San is a medical doctor by training and self-made model. Reportedly, she is a staunch admirer of super-model and self-made beauty billionaire Kylie Jenner, and aspiring to become the sexiest model in the world. As such, she has been carrying out her medical practice and modelling simultaneously.

Notwithstanding, however, when she recently posted some sexy photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie on social media, things changed dramatically. Authorities in Nyanmar were unimpressed, saying the sexy pics portrayed inappropriate dressing style for the medical doctor, and above all that does not match Burmese culture. As such, they immediately revoked Dr San's medical licence.

But Dr San who is a general medical practitioner and said to be extra ordinarily intelligent, is furious about the authorities' decision to revoke her medical licence and totally disagree with the reasons given by the authorities for action. According to some media on June 22, 2019, she lambasted the authorities for violating her human rights, saying they have breached her individual freedom and particularly her freedom of dress. She added, there is no dress code for medical doctors specified in Myanmar's legislation.

Violation of her human rights indeed, that must be condemned worldwide.

Take a look at the video above, that presents some meticulously selected incredible photos of Dr San, some which include those that made Myanmar authorities to unjustifiably revoke her medical licence. _______________________ © 2015 - 2019 Africa Up To Date. All Rights Reserved


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