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Kazungula Bridge Finally Inaugurated

Africa | Infrastructure | Botswana | Zambia May 16, 2021

Newly built Kazungula Bridge that links Botswana and Zambia over the Zambezi River has finally been opened officially for traffic. It was inaugurated on May 10, 2021. Construction of the bridge began in 2014 and costed $259 million paid for by the governments of Botswana and Zambia. It was completed in 2020 but its inauguration was reportedly delayed by some issues caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kazungula bridge is 923 metres long and 18.5 metres wide. It consists of two vehicular traffic lanes with a single-track railway at the middle. On each outer side of the vehicular traffic lanes is a pedestrian walkway and lamp posts. Also, contemporary one stop border facilities have been introduced on both ends of the bridge.

The single-track railway section is part of a proposed new international railway line from Mosetse in Botswana to Livingstone in Zambia. When completed the new railway line with its cape gauge of 1067mm, will link the railway networks of South Africa and Botswana with that of Zambia as well as those of some far-flung countries like Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

Kazungula Bridge is a toll bridge. Toll fees were announced a few days prior to inauguration of the bridge, for different categories of vehicles, and range from $6 for a motorcycle/bike to $100 for a horse with 2 interlink trailers. The governments of Botswana expect to recover their expenditures on the bridge in this way.

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