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Justin Bieber Alleges Paparazzi Of Shooting Underneath Wife Hailey’s Skirt

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Entertainment & Lifestyle March 28,2021

A group of paparazzi in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, on the evening of March 25, 2021, seemed to have been astonished and probably amused when the global music megastar Justin Bieber alleged them of trying to take photos of underneath his wife Hailey Baldwin’s skirt. That was reported by some media on March 28, 2021.

According to the reports, Justin Bieber (27) and Hailey Baldwin (24) in a sexy mini skirt were getting into a waiting vehicle after dining in an adjacent restaurant, when the popular global megastar turned on the anxious group of paparazzi, asking them and we quote:

“Are you guys shooting underneath her skirt?”

The paparazzi seemingly surprised by the question, responded also with a query as thus and we quote:

“Why would someone shoot under her skirt?”

Bieber then continued:

“That’s the question, right?”

At that juncture, the paparazzi are said to have continued denying politely his allegation and assuring him that nothing like that happened. Eventually, Justin Bieber reportedly accepted the paparazzi’s denial, and thanked them before he and the supermodel drove away.

Justin Bieber suspicion that the paparazzi were trying to take some upskirt pics of his wife Hailey Baldwin is not surprising though. He may be aware that his wife is one of the pioneers and leading proponents of the world’s “No Pants” trend/Movement and is said to have been spotted pantless on many occasions in the past. His worry could be that some paparazzi may be interested in finding out whether his wife still loves doing that!


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