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Johannesburg And Cape Town Are Africa’s Wealthiest Cities

Africa | Cities | South Africa September 16, 2021

(Photo: Downtown Johannesburg)

New World Wealth magazine has ranked South Africa’s cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town as the wealthiest cities in Africa, and among the wealthiest cities in Africa and Middle East region. That was reported by some South African media on September 16, 2021.

In generating the ranking that is as of June 2021, New World Wealth reportedly did not only consider GDPs of cities but their private wealth as well. Private wealth includes business interests, equities, properties, and cash.

According to the ranking, Johannesburg is the top wealthiest city in Africa with a total wealth of $235 billion, while Cape Town is the second wealthiest city in the continent with a total wealth of $130 billion.

For the Africa and Middle East region, the top wealthiest city is Dubai with a total wealth of $530 billion.

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