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Israel And UAE To Establish Diplomatic Ties

Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have agreed to establish fully diplomatic ties. The agreement was announced on August 13, 2020 by US President Donald Trump, and confirmed shortly later by both governments of Israel and UAE.

The diplomatic ties agreement implies a peace agreement between the two countries. Formal signing of the agreement is expected to take place in the White House in Washington DC on later date, reported some media after the announcement.

The agreement said to have been brokered by USA, is definitely a big milestone towards peace in the rather turmoil Middle East. Under the agreement, Israel will suspend further annexation of parts of Palestine’s West Bank.

UAE becomes the third Arab country to enter into a peace agreement with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan.

In recent years, increasing number of countries that broke off diplomatic ties with Israel over the issue of Palestine have re-established the ties, while other countries with diplomatic ties have moved their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.The moves probably indicate changing global perspectives about the issue and particularly how it could be resolved.


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