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Iran And Saudi Arabia Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations. Huge Milestone In Global Relations

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Rest Of The World March 10, 2023

Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations, reported some media on March 10, 2023. The agreement is said to have been brokered by China in a meeting in Beijing. Iran and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties in 2016.

The resumption of diplomatic relations between the two regional powers is a huge milestone in global relations and peace. It could be helpful in resolving the ongoing bloody civil war in Yemen that has so far claimed numerous lives and created implacable living conditions including unprecedented severe children malnutrition and suffering. Iran and Saudi Arabia reportedly support opposing sides of the war.

Overall, the Iran and Saudi Arabia diplomatic agreement supports the narrative that in the 21st century the world ought to have the capacity for resolving all conflicts through dialogue, as well as understanding that instigating conflicts is outdated, can not be rationalized, and benefits no one.

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