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Indonesia Ban On Extra-Marital Sex. A Gross Violation Of Individual Freedom

Rest Of The World | Human Rights December 6, 2022

Indonesia’s parliament has endorsed a new law that ban extra-marital sex, reported numerous media on December 6, 2022. The ban applies to both citizens and foreigners including tourists.

Photo: Downtown Jakarta, Indonesia

The new law followed amendment of the country’s criminal code that saw several new legal provisions including this one.

While extra-marital sex, also commonly known as adultery, may be considered immoral by some people, it is, however, not a crime. That is because extra-marital sex is a personal matter that is confined only to those involved. As such, it does not harm others or the public/society at large. It may only indicate a dysfunctional marriage contract that probably needs to be improved or terminated. Criminalization of extra-marital sex is therefore gross violation of individual freedom and human rights at large.

This sort of violation of human rights is often an outcome of sectarianism or indication of its emergence.

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