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Indian Athlete Man Kaur Still Going Strong At 103

At the age 103, Indian Man Kaur is still a world class athlete to reckon with, reported some Indian media on September 6, 2019.

According to the reports, Man Kaur has been participating and winning multiple gold medals at the World Masters Athletics Championships held in different parts of the world since she became a senior citizen and reached qualifying age for the games. After excelling at the championships in New Zealand in 2017, Ms Kaur is said to be eagerly looking forward to participating at the World Masters Athletics Championships 2021 in Japan at the age 105. World Masters Athletics Championships are held every four years.

Commenting on her sprinting career at advanced age, Ms Kaur reportedly said and we quote:

"It's never too late to start something new. Just do what makes you happy"

Ms Kaur who is said to believe in focusing on the future instead of the past, continued and we partly quote as thus:

".......A long life is a blessing only if you're healthy. So eat mindfully and exercise daily"

Hinting about her/family diet, she said and we partly quote again:

"Our food is homemade. Fried food and sugar a no-no......"

Incredible Ms Man Kaur of India!


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