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High Court Endorses Controversial UK-Rwanda Migration Deal

Africa | Rest Of The World | Rwanda June 11, 2022

The High Court in London on June 10, 2022, endorsed the controversial £120 million migration deal between the UK Government and the Government of Rwanda by allowing the former to go ahead with implementation of the first phase of the deal that entails shipping 31 asylum seekers to Rwanda by air on June 14, 2022. That was reported by some British media on June 11, 2022.

The court ruling followed a legal challenge by some lawyers representing several human rights groups, that sought injunction to stop the first shipment of 31 asylum seekers to Rwanda.

With the migration deal, asylum seekers arriving in the UK will be shipped to Rwanda where their asylum applications will be processed. For its part in the deal, Rwanda will receive an initial sum of £120 million.

The UK-Rwanda migration deal has been condemned by numerous human rights groups in the UK and beyond, while the UN has reportedly castigated the deal as gross violation of international law.

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