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Government Of Guinea Overthrown, Says Military

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Africa | Guinea September 5, 2021

Guinea’s special forces unit of the country’s military announced on September 5, 2021, that it has overthrown the government there. That was reported by some media.

According to the reports, the chief of the special forces Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya said that his forces have captured and detained the country’s President Alpha Condé and seized power. He continued that following the military takeover, the country’s Constitution and parliament have been suspended.

Furthermore, the former French army legionnaire declared nationwide curfew and the country’s borders closed. He added that regional governors have been replaced with military commanders, and gave the reason for the military coup as a move to end chronic corruption and mismanagement in Guinea.

Alpha Condé first came to power in 2010 and was serving a controversial third presidential term at the time of the military takeover. His third term in office was made possible by a tailored amendment in the country's Constitution that scrapped hitherto two constitutionally permissible presidential terms to allow him run for a third term after his second and last term expired. As a result, his re-election for a third presidential term in 2020, was marred by bloody violent protests nationwide.

It is probably the above kind of messing up with the Constitution by Alpha Condé and his government that is main cause for the current political situation in Guinea. As such, while military coups are unacceptable in Africa and elsewhere, and so are unwarranted and malicious moves by civilian politicians aimed at ensuring holding onto power. Both types of actions should therefore be equally condemned by regional and international communities. Biased condemnations won’t help anything!

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