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Former World Boxing Heavy Weight Champion Leon Spinks Dies

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Sports February 7, 2021

Former boxing heavy weight champion Leon Spinks is dead. He died on February 5, 2021 in Henderson, Nevada, at the age of 67.

Leon Spinks made headlines worldwide when on February 1978 at the age of 24 stunned the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali by defeating him in a WBC title match in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a split decision. He took the title from the legend with only 7 professional title fights in his portfolio.

However, retainment of the WBC title by Leon Spinks was very short-lived, relinquishing it to Muhammad Ali only seven months later after he was defeated by the greatest boxer of all time in a rematch in New Orleans, Louisiana, in September 1978. Muhammad Ali regaining the title from Leon Spinks made him the first boxer to win it three times, albeit also his last title victory.

Leon Spinks was noticeable for his popular gap-toothed grin emanating from four missing front teeth that he lost during his boxing career.


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