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“Fight Like Hell” Is Bipartisan Rhetoric, Say US Republicans

Rest Of The World February 13, 2021

On February 12, 2021, the defense team in the ongoing second impeachment trial by US Senate, of Ex-President Donald Trump, in presenting their case to acquit the former president reiterated what they had argued at the beginning of the trial that the attempt to impeach the former president was unconstitutional.

Also, the defense team lambasted the Democratic impeachment team for violent rhetoric hypocrisy. Specifically they said Democrats have been using the same rhetoric they are now trying to use to justify impeachment of Ex-President Trump. They gave example of the “fight like hell” rhetoric that the Democratic impeachment team have used to show how Trump allegedly incited violence on January 6, 2021. The defense team said that rhetoric has been used many times before January 6, 2021 by some top Democrats including Joe Biden, Jamie Raskin, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Joe Neguse, Elizabeth Warren, and many other top Democrats. Using some compelling and powerful video clips, the Republicans showed how the top Democrats have in many occasions prior to January 6, 2021 been urging their supporters to “fight like hell” in different ways and venues including streets.

To illustrate further the hypocrisy of the Democrats, the defense team cited Democrats’ objection of Trump’s 2016 presidential election victory that was followed by years of witch-hunt aimed at driving the ex-president out of office prematurely. The team added that the attempt by Democrats to impeach the ex-president is ludicrous and an act of hate and vengeance, as well as a move to disqualify political opposition, among others.


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