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Female President In Tanzania Is Sacred And There To Stay, Says President Samia Hassan

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Africa | Tanzania September 17, 2021

In a recent speech reported by some media on September 15, 2021, President Samia Hassan of Tanzania vowed amid cheering women supporters that her arrival at the throne was a blessing from God coupled by the country's Constitution, and that she will bid for extension of her rule in the country's next presidential election due in 2025. She emphasized that God has delivered a blessing for a woman to rule Tanzania and such a blessing can not be given away, because doing that would not please God. She elaborated saying that although it has been possible for a woman to be a vice president, a woman going further than that to becoming the president of Tanzania would have been very difficult under normal political circumstances.

She continued by touching, among others, contribution women have made in various aspects of society in Tanzania including politics and social/economic development. She also warned some trouble makers who she said have began provoking her through writing in some small newspapers that she will not run for presidency in the next presidential election contrary to what she has just announced.

Powerful and fascinating speech by President Samia Hassan who is the first female president of Tanzania, that indicate female rule in Tanzania may be there to stay for a considerable period of time, and that the long epoch of male presidents in the East African nation, that spanned about 60 years, has now definitely come to an end at least for sometime.

Take a listen at part of her speech at a Global TV Online video above. Speech in Swahili!

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