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Ethiopia’s Rebel TPLF Forces Retreat Into Home Region

Africa | Ethiopia December 20, 2021

(Photo: Passenger Train On Addis-Ababa - Djibouti Electrified Standard Gauge Railway)

Ethiopia’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on December 20, 2021, announced its rebel forces were retreating from neighboring regions into Tigray. That was reported by some African media.

According to the reports, rebel TPLF forces that previously occupied some parts of the country’s regions of Amhara and Afar and vowed to advance southwards and capture the capital Addis Ababa, are now pulling out of the two regions and returning to their home region of Tigray.

The retreat of TPLF rebel forces is a big victory for Ethiopia’s federal forces that have been fighting the rebels for quite some time and more recently under direct command at the battlefront of the country’s prime minister himself Lieutenant Colonel Dr Abiy Ahmed.

The retreat may also pave the way for a peaceful settlement of the civil war that broke out after TPDF rebel forces crossed into the neighboring regions and forged alliance with some other rebel groups, with the aim of toppling Ethiopia’s federal government. Earlier demands by the federal government to TPLF to retreat its rebel forces from neighboring regions as condition for peace talks were fruitless due to TPLF stubborn stance that retreat was not an option.

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