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Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed At Battlefront As Legendary Gebrselassie Says He Is Also On The Way

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Africa | Ethiopia November 25, 2021

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister (PM) Abiy Ahmed is at the battlefront leading his country’s federal troops fighting against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPDF) rebels and their allies. That was reported by some media on November 24, 2021.

According to the reports, PM Abiy Ahmed (45), a PhD holder and experienced hard-core army Lieutenant Colonel, landed somewhere at the battlefront on November 23, 2021, to direct his troops right from there as they battle it against the notorious rebels. The latter are said to be approaching the capital Addis Ababa and threatening to disrupt road and rail link between the landlocked country and the port of Djibouti in neighboring Djibouti. As he departed the capital, Lieutenant Colonel Dr Abiy Ahmed is said to have mentioned the need for martyrdom for existence of Ethiopia.

Just after the PM left for the battlefront, the legendary athlete Haile Gabrselassie (48) announced he was also on the way to the battlefront to tackle the rebels. He reportedly said he must do that because Ethiopia’s existence was at stake, and that in such circumstances there is no other option. He is said to have indicated that he was fearless and willing to pay the ultimate price of war, implying death, for his country. Some other Ethiopian celebrities are said to have also announced that they will go to the battlefront to confront the rebels.

Incredible show of patriotism by Ethiopians as their country’s national integrity and prosperity get increasingly threatened by TPDF rebels and their allies.

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