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Cuba To Build Vaccine Factory In Zimbabwe

Africa | Africa's Diaspora Communities | Science & Technology | Cuba | Zimbabwe November 22, 2021

(Photo: Downtown Harare, Zimbabwe)

Cuba will build a vaccine manufacturing factory in Zimbabwe, reported some Zimbabwean media of November 22, 2021.

According to the reports, the factory will manufacture different types of vaccines. Although initially the factory would not manufacture Covid-19 vaccines, such vaccines may, however, be made in the long run.

Cuba has a thriving biotech industry that has so far delivered various vaccines for local vaccination programs including Covid-19 vaccination program, as well as export.

Despite having some countries with economies larger than that of Cuba, continental Africa has, so far, not delivered a single Covid-19 vaccine of its own. Instead, it has been persistently lamenting about vaccine hoarding by those countries that have managed to manufacture the vaccines or what has been referred to as vaccine nationalism. Nevertheless, such complaints may be unhelpful especially at times of pandemics. As such, continental Africa should probably begin pondering seriously options for generating its own vaccines and other medical products through, for example, mobilizing resources and establishing its own biotech industry.

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