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Controversial Tanzanian Mayor Orders Councillors To Ditch Face Masks For Love

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Africa | Tanzania January 30, 2021

A controversial mayor of the city of Moshi in northern Tanzania on January 28, 2021 ordered councillors to ditch their coronavirus face masks hitherto commencement of a city council meeting. That was reported by some Tanzanian media same day.

According to the reports, the mayor, namely Juma Raibu Juma, made the order while arguing that there was no coronavirus in the city hall. He further rationalized his order by wondering why the councillors were wearing face masks while himself was not, and then asked them if that implied that they loved themselves more than they loved him. At that juncture of hearing the love thing, all the councillors reportedly submitted to their honorable mayor’s order and voluntarily took off their face masks, and the meeting started.

What a controversial show of leadership in Moshi city amidst the deadly coronavirus pandemic!!!


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