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Burundi's Presidents To Receive Luxury Villa And $0.5 Million After Leaving Office

A landmark new legislation was passed by Burundi's parliament on January 21, 2020, that stipulates benefits a president in the East African country will be entitled after leaving office. That was reported by some media on January 22, 2020.

According to the legislation, a president leaving office will be entitled a luxury villa at a location of his/her choosing, as well as a one-off lumpsum of $0.5 million.

The new legislation implies the incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza who promised not to contest for another term in the country's forthcoming presidential election in May 2020, will live comfortably after leaving office.

In more general terms, the legislation that offers very modest benefits to ex-presidents, is a good move by Burundi. It may make presidents not fear leaving office on grounds of possible economic hardship thereafter.


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