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Burkina Faso’s Ruling Military Junta Ousted By Another Junta

Africa | Burkina Faso October 1, 2022

Burkina Faso’s ruling military junta that seized power in January this year, under the leadership of army Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba, was ousted by another military junta on September 30, 2022. That was reported some African media.

The new ruling military junta led by army Captain Ibrahim Traoré, has closed all the country’s borders, dissolved the government, and suspended the Constitution, according to the reports.

Photo: Captain Ibrahim Traoré

The new military junta blames its short-lived predecessor for failing to contain the country’s deteriorating security situation caused by Islamist insurgency.

Some latest reports say that the ousted Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba may be planning to make a comeback to power through counterattack.

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