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Big Fight In Senegal’s Parliament As Female MP Mercilessly Responds To A Slap From Male MP

Africa | Entertainment & Lifestyle | Senegal December 3, 2022

A big fight erupted in Senegal’s parliament on December 1, 2022, during a budget presentation session, reported some African media on December 2, 2022.

According to the reports, the fight erupted after a male opposition member of parliament MP Massatta Samb attacked a female ruling party MP Amy Ndiaye Gniby, by slapping her in the face over what he thought was an insult from her. MP Amy Ndiaye Gniby is said to have fought back mercilessly by, among others, hurling a chair on her attacker who disgracefully ended up on the floor.

Other MPs then joined the unfolding violent situation, leading to a ferocious big fight in the legislative chamber, that entailed exchange of blows between those supporting the attacked female MP and those on the side of the attacking male MP.

A fascinating situation in Senegal’s parliament that shows that nobody messes up with a female MP in the ECOWAS’ member nation and get away with it!

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