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Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko In Zimbabwe

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Africa | Zimbabwe January 30, 2023

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus arrived in Zimbabwe on January 30, 2023, for a three-day state visit there. That was reported by some African media. His visit comes after several high-profile Western, Chinese, and Russian government officials have made visits to different countries in Africa South of the Sahara, that triggered speculations that the powerful nations could be harboring naïve believes that a new scramble for Africa’s abundant natural resources was possible.

However, President Lukashenko state visit to Zimbabwe may be different. According to the reports, President Alexander Lukashenko’s visit is a reciprocation of a state visit his host President Emmerson Mnangagwa made to Belarus in 2019.

More specifically, President Alexander Lukashenko visit is said to be aimed at reinforcing economic and political ties between Belarus and Zimbabwe. As regards economic ties, the visit is geared towards bolstering bilateral cooperation in mining, agriculture, and disaster risk management, say the reports.

There are already some positive outcomes of the economic cooperation between the two countries. For instance, Zimbabwe is said to have so far purchased tractors, combine harvesters, and vehicles from Belarus under a deal reached in 2019.

Zimbabwe in under illegal economic sanctions imposed against it by the so-called West, just because the country took back land that was looted by European settlers during the colonial era, and redistributed it to African peasants. Because of the sanctions, Zimbabwe has been focusing and consolidating its efforts for economic and political cooperation with other countries, to African countries as well as non-African countries that are honest, reliable, trustworthy, and willing to do great things with it. The non-African countries include China, Russia, Malaysia, and Belarus, among others.

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