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Prince Charles To Invite Trump For Cup Of Tea

Prince Charles of England intends to invite US President Donald Trump and The First Lady to his Westminster home in London for an afternoon tea, during the president's forthcoming state visit to the UK, reported some British media on May 31, 2019. President Trump's UK state visit is scheduled to begin on June 3, 2019.

Prince Charles and President Trump have different views about climate change that probably both respect and agree to differ. Whilst Prince Charles strongly believe climate change may lead to catastrophic consequences, and as such requires serious attention, President Trump does not exactly buy into that view.

All in all, great intention by Prince Charles that underscores the notion that difference of opinion should not stop people from talking to each other and even enjoying a cup of tea together. After all, that is what being civilized and sophisticated in pluralistic society is all about! _______________________ © 2015 - 2019 Africa Up To Date. All Rights Reserved

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