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Botswana Allows Elephant Hunting After Five Year Ban

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Africa | Botswana May 24, 2019

The government of Botswana has allowed resumption of elephant hunting after a five year ban, amidst an outcry from some wildlife conservationists. That was reported by some media on May 23, 2019.

Conservationists opposing the ban say it threatens elephant population in Africa and the world at large. But the government of Botswana don't agree, arguing the country's vast elephant population of over 130 000 elephants is too high, causing a conflict with local people especially small scale farmers. The government of Botswana seems to strongly believe if elephant hunting is done properly and ethically, it is possible to regulate the size of its very rapidly increasing elephant population without threatening it.

Fair argument by the government of Botswana. After all, needs of wildlife and human beings are all important, and, as such, can not be addressed separately.


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