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Death Toll In Sri Lanka Church Massacre Rises To 359

Death toll in the Easter Sunday church attacks in Sri Lanka has risen dramatically to at least 359, reported media worldwide on April 24, 2019.

The terrorist attacks involved bomb blasts in three churches, said to have been unleashed very systematically as suicide bombers detonated their bombs. Some luxury hotels, a handful of Muslim owned shops, and a mosque were also attacked, in what could have been just a way of bringing confusion by the attackers about their real motive or targets.

The perpetrators of the barbaric bloody attacks are suspected to belong to a small local Islamic terror group called National Thowheed Jamath. The group could have received some help for carrying out the attacks, from some external sources, suggested some terror experts.

So far 40 suspected terrorists have been arrested in connection with the massacre.

Paradoxically, hitherto the church attacks, the police in Sri Lanka are said to have received some warning about possible oncoming terror attacks but chose to do nothing!

(Updated April 24, 2019)


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