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Tanzania's Opposition Should Have Freedom To Challenge The Government, Says British MP Liz McInn

British Labour Party Member of Parliament (MP) and Shadow Foreign Minister Liz McInnes has castigated amendment of Tanzania's Political Parties Act, 1992 endorsed by the country's ruling party controlled parliament on January 29, 2019. She made the attack on April 1, 2019 on the Labour Party website.

MP McInnes observed the new law, implying the amended legislation, severely restricts political activities and offers extensive powers to a government appointed registrar of political parties to de-register political parties. She emphasized, among others, and we quote:

"Opposition politicians should have the freedom to challenge the government and not fear imprisonment for expressing their views..."

The MP continued the suppression of the opposition by the government of Tanzania may have catastrophic consequences on the national economy due to possible uncertainties that may accrue from the present political circumstances in the country.

Ms McInnes, however, seems to have sparse knowledge about the regional status of Tanzania's economy, ranking Tanzania as East African third largest economy instead of second largest behind Kenya! Unless of course, her conception of East Africa includes Ethiopia!

The 2019 amendment of Tanzania's Political Parties Act, 1992, has also been lambasted locally by the opposition, saying it will in practice criminalize political activity and turn Tanzania into a de facto one party state.


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