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Unconstitutionally Jailed Sheldry Topp Released After 56 Years

Sheldry Topp was 17 years old when he was convicted for murder by a Michigan county court in 1962. Despite been a minor then, he was sentenced to an automatic life imprisonment without parole.

However, in 2012 the US Supreme Court ruled that sentencing a minor to an automatic life imprisonment without parole was unconstitutional, and reiterated that in another ruling in 2016. The rulings by the Supreme Court were to be a game changer to Mr Topp's life.

According to various media on March 1, 2019, Mr Topp who is now 74, was on February 26, 2019 re-sentenced to 40 - 60 year imprisonment without parole on the basis of the Supreme Court rulings. The new reduced jail sentence led to his release because he had already served 56 years in jail and had more than 10 years' worth of good behavior credits.


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