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Without Individual Freedom, Wealth Becomes Meaningless. Case Of Missing UAE's Princess Latifa

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Rest Of The World | Commentaries | Human Rights February 25, 2019

A documentary aired by Sweden's SVT Document Utifrån on the night of February 24, 2019 about missing United Arab Emirate (UAE)'s Princess Latifa Al Maktoum was powerful and compelling to all those who cherish and advocate human rights and particularly individual freedom.

Princess Latifa Al Maktoum is the daughter of a very wealthy Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also the leader of UAE. She has never been seen since March 2018 after she was captured in India by some Indian and UAE security agents following her second daring attempt to escape from her repressive father in Dubai, in search for individual freedom.

According to the SVT documentary and data from previous similar documentaries by other sources from elsewhere like BBC, Princess Latifa narrated in detail in a video she made before her futile second escape attempt, how her wealthy father denied her and her sister individual freedom through the use of very repressive and brutal mechanisms.

More specifically, the princess cited in the video how she was tortured under the instructions of her own father, aimed at making her submit to his repression, after she was captured following her first escape attempt.

Furthermore, she said in the video her elder sister also made a brave attempt to escape when the family was on a visit in England, running away and hiding somewhere in Cambridge. But she was eventually captured there by some UAE security agents and smuggled back home to UAE where she was tortured and since been confined indoors.

Finally and probably most significant in her narration, is, by inference, her emphasis that material wealth is meaningless if one has no freedom. All her risky escapes from home, including that by her sister, were triggered by denial of individual freedom despite having all the material things anyone could probably dream of!

Princess Latifa Al Maktoum's video narration presented in the SVT documentary and elsewhere, illustrates vividly the significance of individual freedom in delivering happiness hence personal success. It also demonstrates material wealth in absence of individual freedom can not deliver happiness because individual freedom is fundamental to happiness while material wealth is just secondary to that.

Denial of individual freedom that do not harm others, by individuals, groups of individuals, or local and central governments, anywhere in the world, should therefore be condemned in the strongest terms. United Nations in particular, should take a stronger stance against denial of individual freedom and institute punitive measures against member states like UAE that violates the fundamental human right.


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