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Trump Expected To Declare National Emergency As He Thrives To Build The "Great" Border Wal

President Donald Trump of USA is expected to declare a national emergency any time from now, as he thrives to get Federal funding for the "great" wall along the country's border with Mexico. That was reported by various media on February 15, 2019.

The anticipated eminent decision by the president follows unsuccessful attempts to get Congress' support hence Federal funding for the construction of the wall. With a national emergency, the Trump administration could take the money necessary for the erection of the wall from national emergency fund. The latter is said to consist about $20 billion. According to the reports, President Trump plans to take $8 billion from the fund for the wall, under the national emergency. Initially, he wanted the Congress to approve about $6 billion for the project.

Construction of the envisaged state of the art wall was one of President Trump's signature presidential election campaign promises intended to make America great again. It is therefore an important project for the Republican regime. However, that may not be the case for the opposition Democrats who have a majority in Congress, and may have been sabotaging the project for political purposes.

Notwithstanding, Trump's plan for "great" wall with Mexico is reportedly very popular in Texas and other parts bordering the Mexican border.


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