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Dr Frankland Still Keeping Up With Medical Research At 106

One of Britain's last survivors of World War II Dr William Frankland is still actively working and keeping up with scientific advancements in medical research at the age of 106, according to BBC Hardtalk aired by BBC World Service on January 7, 2019. Educated at Oxford as medical doctor, Dr Frankland participated in the British Japanese battle in Singapore during World War II. He ended up as a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp, of which he survived. After the end of the war, Dr Frankland became a medical researcher with focus on allergies. In the aired BBC Hardtalk, Dr Frankland told BBC's Stephen Sackur he has no hate or anger about what happened to him in the Japanese camp for prisoners of war. He also said he is still actively working and following scientific advancements in his area of medical research, i.e. allergies. He further said he has had such a long life because of luck and he still has great love for life. Incredible Dr William Frankland!


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