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Sweden's Post-Election Political Fiasco Continues After Parliament Voted Out Incumbent PM Löfven

Sweden's incumbent prime minister Stefan Löfven was voted out the country's parliament in a parliamentary voting session aired live by STV1, on the morning of December 14, 2018. The precise voting results were 200 against to 116 for Löfven.

This was the second parliamentary voting session proposed by the speaker of the parliament, for prime ministerial post after the country's general election on September 9, 2018. All political parties except the Green Party alias Miljö partiet and of course Löfven's party Social Democrats, had made it crystal clear prior to the voting, they would vote against Löfven as new prime minister.

The outcome of the parliamentary voting implies Sweden more than three months after its 2018 General Elections still has no new prime minister. It also means the speaker of the parliament has to come forward with a third proposal for the top political post, that will again be voted in the parliament.

If the third proposal by the speaker of parliament to get a new prime minister hence new government were to also be rejected, the speaker could put forward a fourth and last proposal, rejection of which will trigger a new general election.

In the meantime, the post-election political fiasco in Sweden, that was created by failure by all political parties to secure at least 50% of the vote, continues!

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