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Contract for Construction Of Tanzania's Mega Hydro-Electric Dam Signed

Contract for construction of Tanzania's $3 billion mega hydro-electric dam on Rufiji River, was signed on December 12, 2018, between the government of Tanzania and two Egyptian construction firms namely Arab Construction and El Sewedy Electric Co. That was reported in various media on December 13, 2018.

The dam called Steigler's Gorge Dam will have the capacity of generating 2115 megawatts of electricity when completed in 2022. That will amount to doubling of the country's electricity generation capacity.

Despite its obvious development significance to Tanzania, particularly facilitation of indigenous industrialization, as well as taking only a meagre area of the eastern end of the famous Selous Game Reserve, Stiegler's Gorge hydro-electric dam project has received massive criticisms from rigid environmentalists and conservationists.

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