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Manifestation Of Repercussions Of Tanzania's Increasing Human Rights Abuse Begins As Lenders And

There is no doubt the current government of Tanzania has made some economic development milestones, particularly reduction of corruption and inefficiency in the public sector.

Notwithstanding, however, increasing and unnecessary interference and denial of individual freedom as well as other forms of human rights abuse, are steadily overshadowing its rather impressive economic performance so far. After all, human rights are overriding aspect of human life with all other aspects including economic development as secondary. That is why colonized or enslaved people will always fight for independence even if their economies may be reasonable!

Manifestation of the repercussions of the growing human rights abuse in Tanzania seems to have began, reported some media sources on November 16, 2018.

According to the reports, the World Bank has withdrawn a $300 million loan to Tanzania in protest against the country's policy of expelling pregnant girls from primary and secondary schools, and never allowing them back even after they have given birth. The loan was intended for the education sector. The World Bank is also said to have castigated Tanzania's legislation that forbids its citizens from questioning official statistics.

At the same time, Denmark, one of Tanzania's generous donors for decades, is reported to have withheld its financial aid over the country's deteriorating human rights record as well. Even earlier, the European Union that has recalled home its ambassador in Tanzania over the same issue, also said it was reconsidering its policies towards the East African nation.

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