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Ronaldo May Be Jailed For Alleged Rape

Legendary football superstar Chritiano Ronaldo may end up in jail if he is found guilty of alleged rape of an American woman about a decade ago, reported various media sources on October 4, 2018.

The plaintiff, Kathryn Mayorga who is a model and teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada, accuses Ronaldo of sodomizing her without consent in June 13, 2009. She claims that because of the sexual assault, she suffered severe emotional and bodily injuries. Charges against Ronaldo of the alleged sexual assault were made after the incident but later dropped. However, on October 1, 2018 Las Vegas police decided to reopen the rape case investigation against Ronaldo.

According to some earlier reports, Ronaldo is said to have indicated having sex with Ms Mayorga against her will, in a narration he made to his legal team soon after the incident. He also paid $ 375 000 to Ms Mayorga, through his representatives, so that she could sign a non-disclosure agreement, hence bringing to an end the early rape case investigation.

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