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Japanese Athletes At Asian Games 2018 Kicked Out For Buying Steamy Sex. Why All The Fuss? Sex Is Goo

Four Japanese basket ball players have been kicked out their national team at ongoing Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia for buying sex, reported media sources worldwide on August 20, 2018.

The four athletes are said to have visited a famous red light district in Jakarta on August 16, 2018, and paid for steamy sexy with prostitutes. The athletes are reported to have opted for the paid bonking experience after their basket ball team thrashed Qatar 82-71 earlier on that day. They were easily identified in the city's district of sex by their emblazoned national team attire they were still wearing at the time of the visit.

But then why kick them out of the Asian Games? Why all the fuss from Japan and probably the rest of the world? Sex is good and plays important role in human well-being! The young health guys just had sex with some full grown up Indonesian girls on mutually agreed terms! They were probably suffering from sex deprivation hence trying to meet their sexual needs. What exactly is wrong with that when the bought sex was from other adults? Moral concern perhaps, but there are numerous other moral issues in the world that are never seriously discussed including adultery, etc.

It is not easy to get sex based on love these days. There are numerous reasons for this including diminishing significance of love per se as the culture of materialism gains momentum in the modern world. With this contemporary culture, everyone is looking for something! Those who can not find love hence free sex, buying it from other adult sellers may be the only option available for meeting sexual needs. Let us elaborate as thus.

In Japan like some many other Western countries, there are now numerous full grown up adults, men and women, living alone without probably a chance for having regular sex on love relationship basis. In Stockholm, Sweden, for instance, the percentage figure for these lonely fellows is staggering 50%. For many of these loners, buying sex from other adults may be the surest way for meeting their sexual needs. But then, in Sweden, buying sex is illegal even if only adults are involved in the transaction! Loners in this Nordic nation are not even allowed to buy sex abroad like in nearby liberal Amsterdam! The Swedish example is, however, highly controversial, and very likely feminism-led.

We must underscore at this juncture the significance of sex in human well-being. According to the renowned scientist Maslow's iconic hierarchy of human needs, sex is a basic human need deprivation of which may lead to catastrophic consequences like lessened self esteem and overall human performance. As such, people suffering from sex deprivation may not excel in what they do!

If we could agree with Maslow's conception, then what the four Japanese athletes did in that red light quarter in Jakarta should be understood and accepted. As mentioned earlier, they were probably just trying to meet their sexual needs and the adult girls of Jakarta were willing to help at an agreed fee! Accordingly, we think Japan should reinstate the four guys to its national team at the Asian Games 2018. If reinstated the embattled athletes are likely to excel marvelously now that their sex needs are fully met!

What do you guys out there think? Do you agree with us? Lets debate this now!!!!!!

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