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Saudi Arabia Severs Ties With Canada In Defense Of Breach Of Women's Human Rights

Saudi Arabia suspended diplomatic and trade ties with Canada on August 5, 2018, after the latter had raised its concern about the former's systemic breach of women's human rights. More specifically, Canada is said to have urged Saudi Arabia to release some female women's human rights activists including the world renowned activist Samar Badawi, jailed for speaking out about the Kingdom's breach of women's human rights. In explaining its action towards Canada, Saudi Arabia is reported to have argued Canada's call amounted interference with its national sovereignty.

However, the sovereignty argument has been castigated by many human rights activists as nonsense. No country, rich or poor, powerful or weak, should be allowed to systemically violate human rights of its female population or any other demographic segment for that matter, in the guise of national sovereignty. Sovereign state are expected to safeguard human rights of its citizens particularly individual freedom, and not the other way round! Canada therefore did the right thing to publicly tell Saudi Arabia to release the jailed women's human rights activists.

Within the above context, other civilized nations especially Western countries like USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, etc, should support Canada's stance and denounce publicly Saudi Arabia's appalling women's human rights record. That is the only way for getting through some understanding to the regime in Saudi Arabia that in the 21st century all human beings in the world have equal rights irrespective of gender! And there is no excuse, whatsoever, available for breach!

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