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Zimbabwe Elections Were Largely Free And Fair, Say Regional and Commonwealth Observer Missions

Observer missions from Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the Commonwealth have endorsed the results of the recently held general elections in Zimbabwe. According to various African media sources, the regional and Commonwealth observer missions said the elections were orderly, within the law, and largely free and fair.

Even the USA seems to agree with the observer missions, urging Zimbabwe main opposition MDC-Alliance to accept defeat graciously and take any grievances they may have about the election results to court. Credible good advice to MDC-Alliance given USA's rich experience in political matters of this nature.

For instance, when Republican George W Bush won his presidency in a free and fair election, the rival Democrats cried wolf citing vote rigging in Florida. The matter was, however, resolved amicably. Then, the same thing happened again when Republican and popular President Donald Trump won the country's 2016 presidential election against Democrat Hillary Clinton. This time, however, it was not internal vote rigging but alleged external interference in the election from Russia, presumably in favor of Trump! The matter is yet to be settled but is being addressed within the US legal system. Amazing wealth of experience by USA in election disputes that could be inspirational to Zimbabwe opposition!

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