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Miss America Chair Carlson Urged To Quit For Attaching Pageant's Agenda To #Metoo

Former Miss America (1988) and hard-core feminist Gretchen Carlson has been urged to resign as the chairperson of Miss America board, reported various US media on July 26, 2018.

According to the reports, some 22 directors of Miss America at state level, have urged the recently elected chairperson of the pageant to quit. They accuse her for lying about the reasons behind her announcement in June 2018 to eliminate the pageant's iconic and popular swimsuit competition. In the announcement, Ms Carlson argued bikinis and swimwear objectify girls and women, and as such the swimsuit competition had to go.

But now, some members of the pageant no longer agree with her. They believe she deliberately misled the organization and the real reason for axing the beloved swimsuit was to hijack the organization's agenda and attach it to the #Metoo movement. They particularly emphasized that as the board chair, Ms Carlson has generated a toxic atmosphere within the Miss America organization.

Ms Carlson is a staunch proponent of the #Metoo movement, and she once sued one powerful man for sexual harassment.

Amazing spillover effect of #Metoo campaign in the USA!

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