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Severe Drought In Sweden Compels Diary Farmers To Consider Slaughtering Their Cows

Severe droughts and associated shortages of drinking water have always been heard in Africa and other tropical regions. But not anymore! In Sweden, there has hardly been any rain since May 2018. As such, the country is experiencing severe drought with serious consequences.

Probably most affected by the unprecedented drought in Sweden, are dairy farmers. According to the country's SVT News on July 9, 2018, dairy farmers' fodder stocks and water levels in boreholes are dwindling fast, compelling the farmers to seriously contemplate slaughtering some of their cows before it is too late! The desperate farmers are also reported to have urged European Union to do something, like lets say, guaranteeing them compensation in case they eventually get rid of their cows.

Notwithstanding, nonetheless, good news for Swedish steak lovers perhaps, who may enjoy decreasing beef prices if the farmers implement their plan! Currently, Swedish beef is a lot more expensive than imported beef!

The severe drought in Sweden has been blamed on global climate change.

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