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China's Dog Meat Festival Commences Amidst Fierce Double Standard Protests

China's famous Dog Meat Festival began in Yulin city on June 21, 2018. Yulin's inhabitants are renowned worldwide for their immense appetite for dog meat cuisine.

Notwithstanding, however, the ten days long festival is taking place amidst fierce protests from animal rights activists who are demanding its cancellation. The activists cite ill treatment of captured dogs before been slaughtered, as well as claimed close companionship of dogs to human beings.

In response to the attacks, proponents of the festival are reported in some quarters to have accused the mainly Western activists of displaying double standards. They argue while surely expressing their distaste of dog meat at the dining table for probably cultural and even moral reasons, the activists cherish cow meat at the table while knowing very well that in some cultures the cow is a sacred creature that should not be eaten by man. They even cite the great appetite of the activists for meat of the pig, an animal disgraced in some cultures!

Powerful arguments against and for the dog meat cuisine! But then, the Yulin inhabitants and their supporters may have a stronger argument, that may even be supported by some Western historical narratives. According to an old British pirate ship movie, ship crew who refused to eat rat meat and complained to their vessel's vicar, were told by the latter God created animals to be eaten by man!

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