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Zimbabwe Female MPs Furious After Male MP Mliswa Calls Them Waste Of Tax Payers' Money

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Africa | Zimbabwe June 2, 2018

Zimbabwe female members of parliament (MPs) specially elected through the country's system of proportional representation are furious after independent MP Temba Mliswa called them a waste of tax payers' money, during an election debate in Harare, on May 30, 2018, according to Zimbabwe media on June 1, 2018.

Mr Mliswa is said to have suggested to the government of Zimbabwe to get rid of the female MPs because what they have done so far is acquiring wigs, makeup, and some weight as well as sleeping during parliamentary sessions. He specifically elaborated by saying when the female MPs came to the parliament for the first time, they had no wigs and makeup, but now they have and look prettier. He continued the specially elected female MPs have contributed nothing to issues concerning women, e.g. women abuse by police among others.

In responding to the defamation, female MPs castigated MP Mliswa observations and supported the claimed beauty evolution of specially elected female MPs. Saying small things like wigs and makeup deliver confidence to women, probably indicating MP Mliswa's observations may be a result of lack of understanding about the significance of fashion and beauty accessories in formal dressing of women. In other words, use of fashion and beauty accessories like wigs and makeup is imperative if female MPs are to dress formally like their male counterparts.

Great response by Zimbabwe's female MPs to the attack by MP Mliswa who seems distaste beautiful women!

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