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Magufuli Petitioned By 65 Human Right Groups Over Human Right Abuses In Tanzania

At least 65 human right groups from all over the world have petitioned President John Magufuli of Tanzania over alleged deteriorating human right circumstances in his country, reported Tanzania's media on May 12, 2018. The human right groups that signed the letter include 18 groups from Africa, as well as groups from USA, Finland, and Mexico, among others.

In their petition, the human right groups expressed their concern about reported repression by the government of Tanzania, of opposition politicians, the media, and ordinary Tanzanian citizens, through denying them their rights to freedom of speech. They are also concerned about violent political attacks and even murder, as well as systematic judicial harassment of opposition political party members and lawmakers.

Highly praised throughout Africa and elsewhere at the beginning of his rule, for his no nonsense approach to corruption and laziness in the public sector, President Magufuli is, however, increasingly being lambasted for failing to simultaneously safeguarding democratic principles, and particularly individual freedom. Notwithstanding, it is never late. He may still be able to do so!

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