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Mozambique's Main Opposition Leader Dhlakama Dies

Afonso Dhlakama, the leader of Mozambique's main opposition party Renamo, died of a heart attack on May 3, 2018, announced Renamo. Afonso Dhlakama who was 65, led Renamo for 40 years. He is reported to have been living in the woodlands in Gorongosa in central part of the country since 2014.

Renamo that led a formidable bloody armed resistance against the government of Mozambique in a 16 year civil war, has been described in some quarters as been notorious in refusing to concede defeat after losing free and fair democratic elections. Particularly, Afonso Dhlakama is said to have lost five presidential elections and in all the cases he never conceded defeat.

It is not clear what implications the demise of Dhlakama will have for the future of Renamo at Mozambique's political arena.

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