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World: Madsen Given Life Imprisonment For Murder Of Kim Wall

Denmark's renowned engineer and inventor Peter Madsen was jailed for life by a court in Copenhagen on April 25, 2018, for the murder of a Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, in his private submarine in August 2017. Probably the only owner of a self built submarine in the world, Mr Madsen was seen with the deceased on-board his submarine before she was reported missing and parts of her mutilated body found scattered in the Baltic Sea some days later.

During the court proceedings that took several months, the prosecution and the defense gave very contradictory versions of what happened to Kim Wall inside Peter Madsen's submarine.

On the one hand, the prosecution argued Peter Madsen murdered Kim Wall and thereafter dismembered her body. On the other hand, the defense hence Mr Madsen denied murder, saying Kim Wall died from toxic fumes inside the vessel, but admitted mutilating her lifeless body.

Peter Madsen will appeal the court's verdict, accordingly to some media sources..

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