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West Is Being Destructive As Regards Syria Conflict

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Commentary | Rest Of The World April 12, 2018

Various media on April 12, 2018 reported that USA and its obedient loyal followers Britain and France are busy considering options for punishing the governments of Syria and Russia, including possible military action, for alleged chemical attack in the former rebel stronghold township of Douma near Damascus. Both Syria and Russia have denied involvement and even existence of the chemical attack. As such, Russia has warned USA that in a case of Western military action, it will shoot down all missiles directed towards Syria and neutralize their sources, creating a possible rejuvenation and escalation of the almost ended Syrian conflict.

The Western threat of military action in Syria is based rather flimsy evidence from amateur videos and posts in the social media about those it claims to be the perpetrators of the the alleged chemical assault in Douma. The West has also rushed to demonizing Syria and Russia, and particularly its leader Assad, without considering and scrutinizing all other possible scenarios that may explain the alleged incident in Douma. This kind of impartial and narrow approach in conflict analysis by the West has been witnessed before and has implications, and above all raises many big time questions that include the following.

1) Why should the governments of Syria and Russia resort to use of internationally forbidden chemical weapons at a time when they have won the war against the rebels?

2) Why is the West so hostile against Russia after all what the country has done in ending the civil war in Syria?

3) Why can't the West be, as suggested by Russia on April 12, 2018, more constructive in its approach towards Syria, by helping in the reconstruction of Syria's badly damaged infrastructure and buildings for better lives of the Syrian people, instead of contemplating further destruction through military action?

It is about time the West realize and acknowledge that in the 21st century it will not be possible to resolve national and global conflicts through military action. That is now an outdated approach to conflict resolution! This has been demonstrated vividly in Iraq, Libya, etc. All Western military interventions in these countries did not lead anywhere in terms of better human life except creating worse social, economic, political, and environmental conditions.

In the 21st century, strong and confident countries will not do what the West is proud of doing right now! In the new century, military action will be a display of concealed weakness and perhaps emerging sense of insecurity. Accordingly, any Western military action against Syria now will be totally unhelpful and an obvious display of how weak the West is becoming. It may also be synonymous to the irrational and evil dropping of mass murder atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, when the main perpetrator of the World War Two, Germany had already surrendered!

Military attack on Syria does not punish its leader Assad, but its people who are already suffering beyond any possible human imagination. That is because, Assad is not the owner of Syria's infrastructure, buildings, and urban spaces. These are national capital assets and any foreign party destroying them for whatever reason should be held accountable. Probably the West should consider emulating China in helping countries build modern infrastructure, instead of its current outdated attitude of destroying other nations' existing infrastructure with silly excuse of getting rid of individual heads of state they distaste!

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