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World: Low-Caste Man Killed In India For Owning A Horse

Gujarat state police in India announced on March 31, 2018 that a man belonging to the country's lowest class alias low-caste, also known as Dalit community and hitherto Untouchables, has been brutally killed by some people belonging to the upper class alias upper-caste, in Tumbi village, Bhavnagar district, Gujarat.

The deceased, 21 year farmer called Pradeep Rathod, is reported to have bought the horse some few months ago. According to various sources, the barbaric upper-caste killers were enraged at the poor farmer for riding a horse they perceive as a symbol of power and wealth, hence ownership of which should be reserved for the upper-caste only!

De jure social class discrimination is forbidden in India, but de facto discrimination is said to be still endemic.

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