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Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion And Beauty: Prince Philip Retires At 96. Mugabe Should Cha

Prince Philip of England retired from official public duties on August 2, 2017, at the age of 96. The prince's retirement age is perhaps the most advanced age for any known public figure in the modern times, hence probably a world record! Prince Philip retired voluntarily without any pressure whatsoever from the public or otherwise, exerted on him to do so. That has not, however, being the case for the younger president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Mr Mugabe at only 93, has been for the past several years been subjected to immense pressure at home and abroad, both public and private (from his wife), to retire. So far, the Zimbabwean president has resisted and dismissed the pressure by reassuring those who want him to retire, that he is still very fit to rule both physically and mentally. One thing that is not clearly understood is why all the pressure on Mr Mugabe who is now three years younger than Prince Philip who was never told by anyone to retire? To be fair, Mugabe should be left alone, and instead encouraged to challenge the presumably current world record held by the prince, on the most advanced retirement age. And Mr Mugabe should break the record big time by retiring at minimum, 100 years of age! Mugabe should take the challenge very seriously, because if he doesn't, Prince Philip's wife, Queen Elizabeth II of England (91), may do it instead! Read more _____________________________ © 2015 - 2017 Africa Up To Date. All Rights Reserved

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